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Hi Volker,
I would do a sequence (time line) for each camera : CAM1, CAM2, CAM3
Then I would add to the first clip of TL CAM1 the FCP filter TC reader  :
Filtres > Vidéo > générateur de TC (I am on FCP in French but you should
find it)
Change the size and the place within the image.
Then select and copy the first clip, select all the following clips in the
time line of CAM1
Clic right > Paste attribute > Filter
Then make sure there is not in ou out in the time line
Fichier > exporter > Sequence QT (File> Export > QT sequence)
It will provide you with one QT of CAM 1 with a reel TC burn in.

2013/8/22 Volker Gläser <v-glaeser at gmx.net>

> Hello everybody,
> I'm new to this mailing list, so forgive me if my issue had been already
> discussed before.
> I'm dealing right now with a lot of FCP sequences that had been shot with
> three cameras (EX1) with freerun TC and synched afterwards.
> I was the cinematographer on the show, so the director asked me (as you
> can see, it was a very low budget film) to sync the stuff and prepare
> everything for editing as well.
> At the same time she wants to see all the material with an burned-in TC,
> the best would be on her TV set.
> I found a program (qtChange) that let me batch-process create qt files
> with a burned-in TC, although it's not really „burned-in“, but a textfile
> that works like an overlay.
> That means, it has to been watched on a QT application in order to the TC
> can been seen.
> My question is now:
> Does anybody know of an application that fulfills the following
> requirements:
> - for PC
> - QT compatible, i.e. it can read a text TC file
> - can read XDCAM EX movs
> Thank you for any suggestions,
> best,
> Volker Gläser
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