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Volker Gläser v-glaeser at gmx.net
Thu Aug 22 21:19:16 CEST 2013

Hello everybody,

I'm new to this mailing list, so forgive me if my issue had been already discussed before.

I'm dealing right now with a lot of FCP sequences that had been shot with three cameras (EX1) with freerun TC and synched afterwards.

I was the cinematographer on the show, so the director asked me (as you can see, it was a very low budget film) to sync the stuff and prepare everything for editing as well.

At the same time she wants to see all the material with an burned-in TC, the best would be on her TV set.

I found a program (qtChange) that let me batch-process create qt files with a burned-in TC, although it's not really „burned-in“, but a textfile that works like an overlay.

That means, it has to been watched on a QT application in order to the TC can been seen.

My question is now:

Does anybody know of an application that fulfills the following requirements:

- for PC
- QT compatible, i.e. it can read a text TC file
- can read XDCAM EX movs

Thank you for any suggestions,


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